SBTi-Finance Temperature rating: Streamlining data used for calculating the temperature rating

Anyone who successfully have been able to get the data needed for using the tool on real data from any vendors such as Bloomberg, MSCI, CDP, …?

Or, have you been able to create your own data for the calculation of companies and portfolio temperatures?

In addition to the hassle of collecting and auditing the data for all companies, I have not been able to find any explanations to the fields required in the different spreadsheet:

  1. Should CO2 data be in metric tonnes (Bloomberg for example store CDP data in millions of tonnes)?
  2. Should monetary values (Revenue, Market cap, Enterprise value, Cash equivalents) be in companies own reported currency or should they be converted into EUR, USD, or a third currency? Should numbers be scaled into millions or…?
  3. When companies uses a combination of absolute (for example on Scope 1+2 emissions) and intensity (for example on scope 3 emissions) how do you state that in the target data? As two lines or should I try to convert targets into an absolute target only?
  4. For achieved reductions, is this field not just a calculation of the BaseYear_GHG emissions and the emissions from the fundamental data?
  5. What is the intention of the field “Start_year” in relation with the base and end-year?
  6. When a company uses intensity targets, should the baseyear_GHG data be intensities or still absolutes?

Hi Henrik,

Thanks for your questions. You may find some of the answers in our Getting Started Guide (GSG) for the tool.

  1. The data legend section of the GSG gives that it should be given in tCO2e.

  2. The data legend section of the GSG gives that it should be in dollar/euro/krona or a currency of your choosing, but that you should use the same currency for all values in the portfolio. It should not be scaled.

  3. The data legend section of the GSG gives that you should use “Absolute, Intensity or Other” in this column.

  4. It could be that, but this data point should be collected from the company and as the data legend section of the GSG states it should be a value between 0 and 1, as a percentage of the target achieved.

  5. The data legend section of the GSG gives that start year is not required and if omitted base year is used.

  6. The data legend section of the GSG gives that all base year GHG data should be in tCO2e.

I hope that helps.


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