MSCI Temperature Rating

Hi, is it acceptable to use the MSCI temperature ratings when developing a portfolio temperature rating SBT, or do I have to use the SBTi temperature rating tool?

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Hi @kfoley,

Currently, MSCI’s temperature rating solution is unfortunately not compliant with the SBTi framework for financial institutions. You can use the SBTi Finance Tool or any other solution, such as those from Urgentem and Bloomberg, as long as it complies with the CDP-WWF Temperature Rating methodology.

Hi @Donald

Thank you for the useful information. Can we use the Trucost temperature rating approach?

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Hi @sgdl,

As the SBTi Finance Tool is data agnostic, you can use Trucost or any other data source that has the necessary input data. The same goes for any solution that uses the CDP-WWF Temperature Rating (CWTR) method. Currently only CDP, Urgentem and Bloomberg has solutions that align with CWTR. .

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Hi Donald,

I am also having the same difficulty in collecting data as is for the moment. My questions are:
1- May a Financial institution set a baseline using Temperature Rating Approach or SBT Engagement using only SBTi targets at the moment (as these are publicly available) and work on collecting the remaining non-SBT data in the coming year?

2- If so, once this data is integrated to the portfolio would this require a baseline reassessment?