SBTi Temperature scoring tool - intensity metrics and attribution factor

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  1. Regarding the intensity metrics used in the SBTi Temperature scoring tool, how does the tool process an intensity metric of 30% per client? Does the tool recognize this kind of metric or do I have to convert this to an absolute target? If yes how should I proceed? (i.e a telecom company sets a reduction target of 30% per client until 2030)

  2. When using the SBTi Temperature scoring tool for a financial institution’s customers, in the “base_year_ghg_s1” field (or s2, or s3), shouldn’t we provide the part of the company’s emissions that are attributed to the bank (due to for example a loan, bonds etc) and not the total emissions of the company (either s1, s2 or s3)?

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  1. The permissible intensity metrics are the ones stated in the data legend in the tool documentation. So in the case of a telecom company, maybe it’s best to convert.

  2. The company data are the totals reported for each company. In the portfolio file you provide data on the size of the investment which is used in the calculation of attribution.

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Ok I see Peter! Thank you very much!