Temperature rating NZ, target year of companies and blanks in target data legends

Hi SBTi team,
We are working on our temperature rating for corporate bonds, REITs, commercial stocks, exchange traded funds and corporate loans (aviation, shipping and fisheries). We have some questions:

  1. If companies have no targets should we leave all the target data fields empty (for example target_type, intensity_metric etc.).
  2. Our base year is 2019 (covid impacts). If companies set validated targets in 2022 should we still count them in our 2019 TR calculations? Can you please explain how it works?
  3. In case we have a state owned company (corporate bond) who has a net-zero target in line with the government targets. Is it an automatically 3.2C?
    Thanks a lot and in advance,
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We have the same question number 1.
We would really apprecited if we could get a feedback from the SBTi Team, or from anyone who knows the answer.

Thank you!