Portfolio Temperature Rating - MID term only?

Hi there,

As I understand, for SBTi validation of the PTR output, the timeframe for targets needs to be MID (i.e. 5-15 years).

There are some companies with SHORT (less than 5 year) targets that get a temperature score of 3.2 C, even though they have SBTi validated targets with a target year of 2025. An example is Orsted, who have a 1.5 C near-term target (for 2025), a 1.5 C long-term target (for 2040), but who get 3.2 C for the S1 and S2 temperature score as no targets are in the MID term timeframe.

Is this correct? Is there an approved way to ensure this doesn’t happen?



Could I also add here:

Three of the companies received scores of around 0.5C for Scope 1 and 2. They do have ambitious Scope 1 and 2 targets, but I’m not sure how this score is possible. Is this just a feature of using the regression models?

Sorry to nudge, but I wondered if anyone could help on these questions?

Hi @luke.chater,

Apologies for the late reply.
Re short-term targets & low temperature ratings: We are aware of these situations and are working on solutions that should be presented at the next method update. We don’t have an ETA for this, but hope to solve this H1 2022.