Net zero and SBTi validated targets in Temperature scoring tool

Hi all,

I would like to shed me your lights about 2 issues concerning Temperature Scoring Tool:

  1. In a portolio there are a lot of companies claiming NZ targets. It seems that the tool will assign to these clients the score of 3.2 C. However, due to the fact that an NZ target implies a near term target fullfilement, Is it possible to “translate” the NZ info in a different way and to assign a different temperature score to these companies?
  2. In case a client has an SBTi validated target. Is it possible to externally assign to this client the temperature score linked to the respective scenario, e.g 1.5 C, and run the tool as usual, instead of waiting for the tool to give to him a score?

Thanks a lot and in advance in any case


  1. Are these SBTi validated NZ targets you refer to? The tool and the method still need the details about the actual target, not just how an organisation classifies a target, in order to assess it. If that information is missing the company will get a default score.
  2. The temperature classifications given by SBTi-validation are not the same as those that are given by the SBTi Finance Tool. The former is a quantitative and a qualitative assessment and the latter is a strict quantitative approach. In the SBTi Finance Tool we much treat all companies equally and apply the same logic to all companies to make the resulting temperature ratings comparable, to for instance provide information for designing engagement strategies.

Thanks a lot Donald for your immediate response. It is clear now.

Really grateful