Temperature rating tool input and outputs

Hello SBTi team!

I have the following questions regarding the TR tool:

  1. When populating the “target data” tab, what is the difference between ‘base year’ and ‘start year’?
  2. When running the code and downloading the “data dump” Excel file. Companies with forward-looking targets (shown in the templates), are assigned a default score and the fields related to targets appear empty in Excel. What can be causing this?
  3. We’ve run the code several times and we continuously get an S1S2S3 temperature score lower than the S1S2 portfolio score. This doesn’t make sense as the S3 portfolio score is the highest of all three and the current reporting and target-setting market behaviour. Can you please confirm whether this is a possible result?
  4. Is it logical to get company temperature scores below 1.5°C?

Thank you!

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The base year is defined according to the GHG Protocol, i.e. “a performance
datum with which to compare current emissions.” The start year is the year the target was announced. The start year is optional.
I’ll look into 2 and 3 a bit closer.
4. Not really, we are implementing a temperature floor in the method and the tool which (preliminarily) will be 1.3 degrees which corresponds to the current temperature rise.

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Hello Peter!

Many thanks for your answers!