Mandatory use of the SBTi tool for Temperature Rating method

Is it mandatory to use the SBTi tool in order to set a Portfolio Temperature Rating Target?
For instance, if a company is using a tool of Temperature alignement provided by itself or by a consultancy firm, can the company set its Temperature target with this tool or must the company use the SBTi Finance tool for the Temperature Rating method?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @morganelgn,

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There is no requirement to use the SBTi Finance Tool when setting targets. However, the FI needs to be able to demonstrate that it has followed the CDP-WWF Temperature Rating method.

One way to do that is to use the SBTi Finance Tool reporting template, but if the FI use another tool that follows the same methodology and can provide the same level of information regarding inputs and outputs used and generated from the calculation it should be sufficient. SBTi must be able to use the data delivered to be able to audit the results and essentially be able to use the data delivered in the SBTi Finance Tool in this work.

The SBTi Finance Tool technical documentation includes links to Google Colab notebooks that should enable anyone to run the tool in a web browser.

Thanks a lot Donald for your answer!