Which temp rating methodologies (data providers) are accepted?

Please could you provide an updated list of acceptable temperature rating methodologies and datasets (data providers, e.g. Clarity AI, CDP, Bloomberg) that can be used to set science based targets for financial institutions (Scope 3 Cat 15). Thank you

Hi @Tmayet,

Welcome to the community. The short answer is currently that none of these are allowed for target setting. But that you have to use the SBTi Finance Tool. However, we hope to soon be able to present approved data providers that follow the CDP-WWF method and that can be used for target setting.

For the foreseeable future the only methodology allowed is the CDP-WWF Temperature Rating method. Also here we are working on meta criteria to be able to assess other methodologies, not just temperature rating methods, to be able to approve other methods for targets setting. These meta criteria are expected to arrive during the latter part of 2023.

Hi @Donald

Thank you very much for your response and the warm welcome.

Urgentum (ICE) and Bloomberg temp rating scores used to be acceptable. Is this therefore no longer the case?

Since Clarity AI uses the CDP methodology, would their dataset be allowed?

Really appreciate your responses as we need to make some decisions quite quickly on the back of them.

Thank you again!

Hi @Tmayet,

No 3rd party temp ratings have been officially accepted by the SBTi for target setting. We are currently in the process of allowing this and are doing tests on 3rd party data providers for this purpose. We hope to have more information about this in the near term.

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Hello @Donald,

Do you have any update to share regarding this point ?
Have you been able to identify any 3rd party Temperature ratings data providers that can be used to define (and monitor) our financed emissions targets ?

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Hello @Donald,

As we move forward in defining our targets by using the Temperature Rating approach, could you please confirm that the CDP Net Zero alignment dataset is accepted by SBTi insofar as it uses the methodology developed by CDP & WWF ?

Furthermore, Iā€™m interested in any updates regarding the test on 3rd party providers that you mentioned in May 2023.

Thank you again !