Is the metadata behind the SBTi "companies taking action" spreadsheet readily available somewhere?

I had a quick question on the SBTi “Companies taking action spreadsheet” (available here:

In particular, I was wondering if a version exists in the format required by the SBTi tool (SBTi/data_provider_example.xlsx at master · OFBDABV/SBTi · GitHub), for instance with the relevant columns of Scope, reduction ambition, base_year etc. filled based on the targets written in the companies taking action sheet? I’m hoping to use this database for some temperature rating analysis and would like to avoid transposing the data manually or using unnecessary data work if possible!

Thanks for your question. We currently don’t offer the file in this format on our website, but are working to determine how to provide a more granular breakdown of all approved targets. In the meantime, the SBTi tool has the ability to directly link to this companies taking action file to highlight which companies have an approved SBT