Updates to SBTi-finance-tool planned for Feb 24 2023 - now released

Updates to tool to be released on 24 February, 2023

Id Release ver. Available in pypi File What Why
23 1.0.6 yes configs.py, sbti.py Fetch file "companies taking action" from SBTi during run time. Can use packaged version if internet not available (see PR #292) Ensure always using latest information to get portfolio coverage correct
24 1.0.6 yes configs.py, interfaces.py, sbti.py, utils.py, docs Use LEI as complement to ISIN to check if a company has validated targets. Note that portfolio file must have a LEI column - this has been added to documentation (see PR #292) There are companies in the SBTi file with validated targets that are identified solely with LEI. So calculation of portfolio coverage will be affected by change.

Note: if you want to test this change feel free to use the following command in one of the colab notebooks:
!pip3 install git+https://github.com/ScienceBasedTargets/SBTi-finance-tool.git@PN_use_LEI (replace the standard %pip install sbti-finance-tool)
The pull request can be viewed in our github repo at SBTi repo

These updates have now been released.