You've published our target when we asked you not to and haven't responded to emails for weeks

Hi There,

My company has had its target fully validated. We had a publication date ring fenced, but 3 weeks prior to that I asked that this is delayed.

You have then published our target on your site even though we asked you not to.

I have then sent 4 separate emails to you targets and communications email addresses, marked urgent, and have no response. I have submitted similar emails through your website contact function and received no response.

It is now nearly 4 weeks since targets were first published so I have to sign up here and try this as a method of communication.

Please can you help me understand how I am meant to resolve this issue.

Hi, could you please share your organization’s name and how long you would like to delay the publication?

Hi Howard,

Anyway I can send a PM? i’d rather not publish on a public forum. If you can view the email address my account is registered to it is also names the company.