Why isnt anyone getting back to us?

Dear all,

We submitted our SBTi commitment in june 2023, and have not heard back from the team, we have contacted them about 10 times through different emails but no response back.

Has anyone experienced this and any ideas on how to contact them and actually get a respons? and the jotform link does not work for us either so we can see status of the validation process.

Happy to hear your experiences ,

kind regards,

Salar Valinia

Hi Salar, could you please share your organization’s name so that I can check on this?

Dear Howard

Organisation namn is Ensucon AB for Clean Sverige AB. We resubmitted about 2 weeks ago as we didnt get any answers.

Thanks, and could you please clarify if Clean Sverige AB has uploaded a signed SBTi commitment letter or a completed target submission form or both?

Thanks for the quick replay , We have submitted the signed SBTi commitment letter. And filled all the information on the web form.

To confirm, did you upload the signed commitment letter through the SBTi Commitment Application System? The Target Validation Booking System is for uploading completed target submission forms and booking a target validation slot.

More details can be found in this step by step process page.

As Clean Sverige AB is a SME, We followed the the steps, shown here. As the third bullet point. And uploaded the signed comiment there.

SMEs shall follow this target-setting process.

The third bullet point you highlighted means that SMEs can join the SBTi by completing and submitting the Target Validation Application for SMEs, rather than signing a commitment letter.

That is the page we used when submitting, and this is the the only thing we got is the confirmation

I’ve checked internally and an email and invoice were sent to Sebastian Kvissberg, who was listed as one of the contacts, on June 19 and June 29, respectively, with the latter still outstanding. Could you please check if Sebastian has received them?

I’ve spoken to Sebastian, and he has not received anything, could you please re-send them to me (salar@ensucon.se) instead and we will take care of it.

A colleague will forward everything to you.