Which SBTi tool would be appropriate to use?

Dear SBTi team

When financial institutions set reduction targets using SDA, I have questions about the use of SBTi tools.

The SBTi website provides ‘SBTi tool V 2.0’, and SBTi tool V 2.0 only provides reduction targets for power and buildings(service, residential). (Financial institutions - Science Based Targets)
However, the SBTi guidance for FI still provides ‘SBTi tool V 1.2’. (Financial sector science-based targets guidance V 1.0 page 60~62)

Is it valid to use ‘SBTi tool V 1.2’ even after July.15th.2022 to set reduction targets for other sectors (iron&steel, cement, aluminum, etc.) except power and buildings(service, residential)?

If ‘SBTi tool V 1.2’ is available, the same problem occurs as the question in the following link. What should I do? ('#N/A' value appears when using SDA Tool)


Dear Eoin and SBTi team,

Is it possible that you provide an answer to this question?

thank you