'#N/A' value appears when using SDA Tool

Dear SBTi team,

Hi, I have a question about using SDA Tool.
(target setting method: SDA, Sector: All)

‘SDA tool version 1.2.1’ only works when I set base year before ‘2020’, and an error ("#N/A") appears when I enter ‘2021’ in section 2, section 4, and Graph 1&2.

How can I set targets using SDA Methodology when I choose 2021 as a base year?
Please let me know if there is any other updated tool or calculation method without using the tool.


Hi Kess and thanks for your question.
As this forum is mainly about SBTi for Financial Institutions we don’t have detailed knowledge of the SDA tool. However, I would recommend that you try with the updated Target Setting Tool 2.0 https://sciencebasedtargets.org/resources/files/SBTi-target-setting-tool.xlsx
Also, for support regarding non FI target setting, you can email info@sciencebasedtargets.org
Best regards,