base year about FI SBTi Scope 3 target setting tool

I am writing in regard to FI scope3 target setting base year in the latest SBT target-setting-tool v2.1.which was taken from here: Financial institutions - Science Based Targets. when setting the scope 3 target for a FI that has investments in project finance electricity , SDA needs to be used for project finance electricity generation.

If FI are willing to set a scope 3 target for project finance electricity generation which base year is 2022, referring to in the latest Target Validation Protocol, scope 3 target setting can decarbonize in 2°C-aligned pathways. However, the SBT target-setting-tool v2.1. does not allow to select for a Power SDA B2DS, and the SBT target-setting-tool v1.2.1 does not allow to select for a 2022 base year.

My questions are:

  1. Is the applicable for us to build the SBT target setting calculation tool by ourselves in regard to the SDA B2DS path?

  2. Will SBT adjust the base year selection in SBT target-setting-tool v1.2.1 for FI to choose if the target year is later than 2021?

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A v1.3 tool has been released that is intended only for use by FIs to set well-below 2°C targets, though we recommend using the v2.2 tool and/or other sector-specific tools to set 1.5°C targets. FIs should also check the relevant SBTi sector webpage(s) for the most up-to-date information.