What brought you to this forum?

Hello, tell us why you are here!


I’m Donald Linderyd, working for WWF and member of the core SBTi for Finance team. I’m involved in developing the Finance framework, including criteria and methods with special focus on our Temperature Rating method and Tool.

Please interact with the community, ask questions, suggest improvements or just discuss Science Based Targets for Financial Institutions in general and its place in the ecosystem.


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Hi everyone,

Welcome to this forum! I’m Chendan. I’ve been working on SBTi for three years since I joined the World Resources Institute in Washington DC. I conduct review of SBTi submissions and co-developed the SBT Apparel and Footwear Guidance and the Financial Sector Framework.

I currently spilt my time between target reviews and the finance work. I’m also leading the private equity sector project.


Hi I am Shai, currently working as the Head of Sustainability at Direct Line Insurance in the UK. We are currently preparing our SBT to submit by the end of the year, so keen to ensure that I learn as much as possible from those setting the pace in the financial sector. We are in an unusual situation that, unlike most insurers we also have a large auto repair network, which contributes to our Scope 1 and 2, and impacts on our Supply Chain. As a business we’ve always had a very good track record, reducing our scope 1 and 2 by 40% in the last 7 years, and we are keen to ensure that we set the bar high with our SBT, and look to decarbonise across all of our activities. So I am willing to take any learnings and share our own experiences on this journey.

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Welcome Shai! Thanks for the introduction :slight_smile: I’ve spoken with another insurance company that’s in a similar situation. We might have to categorize your company in a separate subsector(something like specialist insurance provider?), as well as providing additional target setting guidance for scope 3 investment and non investment activities.

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Thank you Chendan, that is good to note. Keep me posted and thanks for the welcome.

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Hi everyone,

I’m Eoin and Ive also been with the SBTi now for nearly three years, based at CDP in Berlin. I spent the past few years working on corporate target validations and framework development.

I currently work on FI target reviews and helping to lead our work on meta criteria for new methods, portfolio alignment and temperature rating methodology development. Looking forward to engaging with you all.


Hi all! I am Komal Kunwar, an intern with the finance sector team at SBTi and a second-year master’s candidate at the Yale School of the Environment. My work primarily focuses on the net-zero guidance for financial institutions but I also help the team manage this site so you may see some postings from me. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or if you need support on the forum.

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Hi everyone,

I’m Howard Shih and I just joined the World Resources Institute and SBTi for Finance team in Washington DC. I will be involved in further developing the Finance framework, including the net-zero guidance for financial institutions.

Looking forward to our interactions!


Hello there, I’m Peter Nystrom. I joined the finance team of WWF Sweden at the end of June of this year. I will be involved in developing the finance framework. As a starter, I will be looking into the application of Science Based Targets for Securities Underwriting. I will also be working with the Temperature Rating method and Tool.

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Hi Howard,

I have a quick question for you on FI. We have committed to set SBTi by October this year, and currently working though the various asset classes and preparing our submission. Can I book a slot with SBTi for validation in August 2022 please?



Hi @Shailandsv,

Thanks for your question. For corporates ex financials there is a booking system where you schedule a time for your validation.
We are in the process of creating a similar booking system for financial institutions and hope to have that online in the coming weeks. When that is live you can book a time for validation in August, provided there are free slots at the time of booking, naturally.

I hope this helps. /Donald

Hi Shai,

FIs can now book slots for validation of their near-term targets via the booking system: SBTi Target Validation Booking System (jotform.co)

Please note that submission forms will need to be completed and uploaded in order to book a slot. Also, the date of the booked slot is when the review of the target submission will begin, and not the date that target validation results will be delivered.


Hi @ChendanY I am here to seek your suggestion SBTi target.
If a financial institution company would like to set Science Based Target by considering intensity target for scope 1+2 emissions (Using SBTi tool) and ad hoc absolute targets for Scope 3 emissions (Without using SBTi tool, but the target will be ambitious), Is it acceptable?

Hi @Donald as I have not received response to my query can you please help me out on that?

Hi @kundu.anirban,

Welcome to the community.

I’m not absolutely sure I get your question, but it is not the tools but the methods and criteria that should be the primary focus. As long as you follow these, you can use whatever solution you want. There are for instance 3rd party tools from e.g. Bloomberg, CDP and Urgentem to calculate portfolio temperature rating. Please have a look at our guidance on how to set science-based emission reduction targets for financial institutions.

Hi Donald
Thanks for the information.