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unfortunately I did not find any information in this regard anywhere else. Therefore I would like to ask if anybody has an idea or estimate as to whether the SBTi-FI Methodology will be accepted by the ESRS Standards in Europe?
I am relating to the requirement E1-4 GHG emissions reduction targets where they state that “targets shall be disclosed in absolute value and, where relevant, in intensity value”.
If an FI would submit Portfolio Coverage or Temperature Alignment Targets non of the requirements would be met directly. However, I do not see any better target setting method on the market.
If anybody already had thought about this I would be happy to discuss.

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Dear Frenky,

I share the same concern as you. At the moment we are experimenting with GHG emissions per mln EUR financed as an intensity target. Still to be aligned with SBTi if it could be a potential alternative.

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Hi VRubbo,

we also thought about having such an intensity metric as a target. However, understanding the economic factors (e.g. inflation, fluctuations in market prices) that play into such a target we concluded that it might not fulfill the requirement of being “science-based”.
I would be very eager to learn more about your considerations regarding this metric or if you had thought about correcting those economic factors.
Looking forward to hearing from you!