Using SDA for the Aviation and Shipping sector

Hi SBTi team,

I’d like to use the SDA methodology for investment/lending to Airline and Shipping companies and have some questions regarding this utilization.

  1. Should I choose the Aviation / Freight – Marinetime in ‘SDA-Transport-tool_v1.1’?
    (Within the ‘FINANCIAL SECTOR SCIENCE-BASED TARGETS GUIDANCE’ it states that a FI can use the Transport tool for the Transport Sector.)
    Or should I use the Aviation Tool for Airlines and use the Temperature rating for Shipping companies? (There is no available tool for Shipping companies yet.)

  2. According to the transport guide, it seems to appear that the Aviation and Shipping use an ACA approach. I was wondering if I could get an absolute linear percentage state/number for the Aviation and Shipping sector (e.g. Scope 1 and 2 - annually recline by 4.2%)


Any follow-up on this topic?