1.5 degree tools for Aviation and Land Transport

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Can I please ask when we can expect the Tool to be updated to 1.5 degrees for:

  • Aviation
  • Shipping
  • Road transport

We were expecting these mid-July but they have not been included in the Tool.

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Hi Ana - thank you for your question. As this tool is currently under development by the Corporate SBTi team, we do not have an ETA for the Aviation, Shipping, and Road Transport sectors to be updated to 1.5 C in the tool. When the tool is updated from the Dec. 2021 - v2.0, it will be made available here: Resources - Science Based Targets

Hi Hunter,
Would it be possible to give an estimation on timelines perhaps? FIs are being asked to set portfolio targets and so a ballpark date when Aviation (and other sector) companies will be able to set targets under the SDA and 1.5 degree targets under the SDA is relevant to what expectations FIs can set for their portfolios.
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Hi Ana,

I’ve reached out to the sector development team and both aviation and maritime guidance are due to be published by the end 2022. Transport does not have an expected deadline yet, and the following guidance has been provided from the corporate team:

" Transport companies have been able to set well-below 2°C (WB2C) targets using the SBTi’s Transport tool: a technical resource to model science-based targets for direct and indirect transport emissions.*This tool needs to be updated for 1.5°C pathways; there is no timeline available for this project yet. In the interim, the current tool can only be applied to scope 3 transport related emissions. Emissions from owned/controlled fleets should be modeled with the absolute contraction approach in order to meet the SBTi’s minimum level of ambition of 1.5°C on scopes 1 and 2."

It should be noted the update to 1.5°C is only required for corporates at this point in time. For reference, when there is clarification on timelines available for updates to these sectors and applicable tools, they will be publicly available at the sectoral webpage here: Sector Guidance - Science Based Targets

Thanks again for your question, we hope to provide these updated resources for corporates and FIs as soon as possible.
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Thank you for this Hunter, can I please ask if the Aviation guidance is expected to change (beyond the update to 1.5 degrees). Would be good to understand (a) if there are any material changes to the existing guidance on operators and (b) if additional value chain segments will be covered in the new guidance, e.g. Aviation OEMs. Again, this is quite relevant to the methodology employed by FIs for their sectoral targets, which is why I am asking in this forum.

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My pleasure Ana, thank you for your post.

I apologize, I am not able to provide any insight to your follow up questions. I recommend that you get in touch with the SBTi Aviation team directly via info@sciencebasedtargets.org. If you inquire directly, you may be able to gain further insight about the ambiguity you’re facing better than what we are able to provide here.