Use the transport tool for transport infrastructure?

Hello to the community !
I could not find the answer in the guidance so I’m asking my questions about Transport Infrastructure here.

In case of a company that is a transport infrastructure operator (e.g. Highway, Railway, Airport…) can I use the SBTi Transport tool to evaluate my decarbonization pathway ?
If yes, how do I allocate my operational emissions, e.g. ground handling in an Airport - that does not seem to fit with well-to-tank nor tank-to-wheel emissions ?
And finally, if my infrastructure carries both freight & passengers (e.g. a Railway…) is there a good practice as to allocating my CO2 emissions either to one, the other or to split between both ?

Thank you for your support and have a good day !

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Thanks for your questions, and apologies for the long delay in responding. Infrastructure typically cannot be assessed using teh SDA models, as they rely on specific physical intensity indicators for certain sectors. For transport infrastructure, absolute contraction type approaches would have to be used for companies in these sectors, as the SDA pathways are not representative for infrastructure.