Emission reduction target covering only S1 or S2 emissions + SBTi Net-Zero Approved targets

Hello again Donald! Thank you for all the help so far!

I am trying to re-run the SBTi Temperature Alignment Tool but I seem to have gotten stuck on two occurences. I would greatly appreciate any help.

  1. How do we handle 2 different targets for the same company. I have one target for S1 emissions and one target for the S2 emissions of the company. I have used two rows with the same id but the tool keeps giving me wrong results.
  2. I have a company which has an SBTi approved Net-Zero target, however I have no further information about the target (% reduction, target year, etc). Can I include this company or do I skip it?

I have attached a screenshot for the first issue for your convenience.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi @DimKap,

  1. To understand what part of the calculation could be faulty it would be helpful if you could provide some more information on the output. Using the input you provided, the tool calculates a combined S1+S2 reduction ambition using the GHG base year data provided. In this specific case the combined reduction ambition is 0.874677. With a 10-year target this gives a temperature < 0 but since we currently have a lower limit of zero, the temperature score for S1S2 is 0.
    We are using tool version 1.0.8, but this calculation has been done this way for some time. So any further information would be helpful.

  2. For temperature rating the tool needs to know the mid-term (near-term in SBTi terminology) targets to be able to validated it in the target validation protocol and to calculate the temperature rating for this target. If the company has an SBTi validated target you should be able to collect this information from the [SBTi Target Dashboard(Target dashboard - Science Based Targets) (you can download all data in an Excel file), from your data provider and/or from the company directly. You can enter this data in target tab in the data provider Excel file for the tool. This should allow you to calculate temperature rating for this company. Without the underlying target data the company will get a default score.
    If you want to calculate a portfolio temperature rating, to submit to SBTi for target validation, the company should always be included, regardless if you have the target data available or not.

Thank you very much Donald for your swift reply!

  1. I am attaching both the input and output of a similar company for which I get the wrong TS. Maybe it will shed some light.

Company1.xlsx (13.3 KB)

The company is a cement production company that has set a different S1 and S2 target. It seems that for some reason the “reduction ambition” field in the output is way too high (578172.4138) resulting in a zero TS.

  1. Regarding question 2 all is clear. Thank you!

  2. Extra question that came up! I was wondering, since the portfolios of an FI may change each year, and therefore the number of companies in the portfolio might change also (with different input of target each time), how can we have sound aggregate Temperature score which we can compare from one year to the next? For example, we may have 10 companies in a FI portsolio in 2023 with an aggregate score of TS = 2 degrees but 100 companies in the same portfolio in 2024 with a TS = 3 degrees.

Again thank you for your invaluable help!