SBTi-FI Temperature Scoring UI Technical Error

We’ve been trying tu run our data in the Temperature Scoring UI using docker, however, even with the sample portfolio data uploaded to the SBTi FI Guidance website we’ve been encountering with a technical error and we havent been able to use the tool.
The error we have been getting is the following:

Can you please help us understand what kind of mistake we are doing.


Hi @aossaba and welcome to the community!

Given the information you provide it is hard to say for sure what is causing your error. Please first check that your inputs meets the requirements. A common error is that there is a required data field missing or that the data isn’t in the right format, e.g. the coverage fields should be in decimals and not in %, i.e. 0.3 instead of 30%.
Also, keep in mind that the tool doesn’t include any data. Hence, you need to supply your portfolio, target and fundamental data.

Alternatively, run the tool using one of the Google Colab Notebooks that we have created. They usually provide a bit more information about the error and lets you run the code in steps, so that you can see where it fails.

You find full documentation for the tool here:


Please note that the documentation is now at SBTi-Finance Tool for Temperature Scoring & Portfolio Coverage — SBTi Temperature Alignment tool documentation