Error API and UI Temperature Rating

We are trying to migrate into the API and UI version of the Temperature Rating tool, however, we have encountered the following error that does not pop up in the google collab code:

Validation Error(model=‘AggregationContribution’, errors=[{‘lol’: (‘temperature_score’), ‘msg’: ‘none is not allowed value’, ‘type’: ‘type_error.none.not_allowed’}])

Also, we are getting results for some companies that do not match their goals, and also the S1+S2+S3 temperature rating is lower than the S1+S2 temperature rating in the google collab, is this possible?

Thanks for the help

I unfortunately don’t have an answer- but were you able to access the files? They aren’t downloading for me from the SBTi website.

The API and UI (ie Docker) versions of the tool are not up-to-date with the changes made to the tool that is available as a pypi package or on github. The current version is 1.0.5. The reason the api version throws this error is probably due to missing ghg data in some cells in the input file. The later versions of the tool can allow this as long as the WATS aggregation method is used on the portfolio level.