SBTi data update: Legal Entity Identifiers to be added to published data

The SBTi is introducing companies’ Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) to the data we publish about targets and commitments available for download on our website.

A new column C will be added to our data set to accommodate the LEI data. This will affect all current columns C-T of the data set.

This update will be implemented on September 22nd 2022.

What action do I need to take?

If you routinely process our data, you may need to update your systems or programs accordingly.

Why are you making this update?

LEIs will make our data set easier to use. They will help identify organizations, match their targets and commitments with other data sets, and incorporate our data into stakeholders’ data flows.

My company doesn’t have an LEI. Do we need one?

We recommend that companies – particularly listed companies – that want to commit to developing science-based targets source LEIs. LEIs are unique global identifiers that enable clear and unique identification of legal entities participating in financial transactions. By providing information about an entity’s ownership structure, they support greater transparency regarding companies’ commitments and targets. You can find out more about how to obtain one here.

My company hasn’t provided LEI data to the SBTi previously. Will there be gaps in your data set?

We have conducted desk research to fill gaps in our data set using publicly available sources, but some gaps remain. If you want to correct an error or fill a gap in the data, you can request an update using this form.

Is the SBTi planning further updates to its data?

Yes, the SBTi is working to increase transparency surrounding companies’ commitments and targets, and improve the usability of our data. Our next update is scheduled for November 3rd 2022. We will provide further information in the coming weeks. We will share an update via our mailing list as well as our Discourse discussion forum.

Sample file for SBTi data update

Dear colleague

In preparation for the SBTi’s next data update scheduled for September 22nd, we would like to share a sample of the revised data structure we will provide.

SBTiCTASampleFile20220908.xlsx (640.1 KB)

The new file, which will be available for download from the ‘Companies taking action’ page of our website, will include a new column C for companies’ Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs). This is to support better identification of company targets and commitments.

In addition, the field name of column O will change from ‘Country’ to ‘Location’. This is in order to ensure the SBTi’s data set reflects terminology used in the web page table, and aligns with United Nations policy regarding the recognition of countries.

We will continue to provide updates about changes to our data via our newsletter and SBTi Community discussion forum.

If you would like to help improve the data the SBTi provides about science-based targets, please take the opportunity by completing the relevant section of our current public survey: ‘Communication of progress: SBTi annual progress report and targets dataset’.


With thanks

The SBTi team

SBTi has today published the new companies taking action, CTA, table according to the format we announced 18th August. You can download the Excel file here.