Is the use of LCA an acceptable approach?

Hi. I write on behalf of Topdanmark, a non-life insurance company. Based on a GHG inventory, we know that approx. 59 % of our total scope 3 emissions comes from the suppliers handling the claims after an incident.We have various suppliers handling our claims, but the main part of emissions come from two categories: repair of auto and repair of buildings. Therefore, we want to set reduction targets on each of these two categories, but we have some questions:

  1. We plan to set targets based on spend as we currently do not have ‘primary data’ for the entire repair and rebuilding process for the auto respectively the construction claims handling. However, we plan to substitute the spend data with primary data based on Life Cycle assessment in the next couple of years. Is that an acceptable approach?

  2. In case, we manage to get primary data based on LCA on one of the categories, is it acceptable to set targets using two different data types in the same scope 3 category (i.e. Purchased goods and services – or another category in case this is not the right one)?

  3. Is LCA an acceptable approach to improve data and set targets related to our suppliers?

I would be grateful to receive guidance on these matters.

Best regards,Pernille