Question on scope 3 category and minimum boundary

Hi. I write on behalf of Topdanmark, a non-life insurance company. Based on a GHG inventory, we know that approx. 59 % of our total scope 3 emissions comes from the suppliers handling the claims after an incident.We have various suppliers handling our claims, but the main part of emissions come from two categories: repair of auto and repair of buildings. Therefore, we want to set reduction targets on each of these two categories, but we have some questions:

  1. Is ‘Purchased goods and services’ the right scope 3 category to use, when addressing purchasing services to claims handling? Or should we use another category?

  2. The minimum boundary for Purchased goods and services is defined as: “All upstream (cradle-to-gate) emissions of purchased goods and services”. Do we comply with this boundary by setting reduction targets for the two mentioned categories: auto and construction? Or how do we ensure that we comply with the requirements?

I would be grateful to receive some guidance on this matter.

Best regards,