I'm ICT sector, is it mandatory to follow the ICT guidance?

Hi, I’m in game company.
I read the target validation protocol and it said,
(C24 - Requirements from sector-specific guidance)
Companies must follow requirements for target setting and minimum ambition levels as indicated in relevant sector-specific methods and guidance – at the latest, 6 months after the sector guidance publication. A list of the sector-specific guidance and requirements is available below and in the Target Validation Protocol for Near-term Targets.

But i am still confuse about that is it mandatory to follow, and set the target aligned with the “Guidance” of ICT sector?

Please help

Hi Jin, thanks for your question.

This forum is for Financial Institutions in particular, your question would be best answered by other team members. Please reach out to info@sciencebasedtargets.org for more information and guidance.