Error when caculate the company temeraure scores in Jupyter

Hi there,

I have a problem regarding TR tool.
I can run the sample in Google Colab, while there’s an error in Jupyter Notebook.
How could I solve this problem if I have to calculate TR locally?

1_analysis_example_test in local.pdf (233.9 KB)
1_analysis_example_test in Google Colab.pdf (1.1 MB)


Hi Terry. Thanks for posting.
I notice that when you are running the Colab version, I think you have an older notebook since it has the statement ”!pip install sbti”. This installs an old version of the tool. The current version is installet with ”%pip install sbti-finance-tool”. Ironically, that is what you do in the local version. I think I have seen a similar error before. That time, I found some duplicates in company id in the Fundamentals tab of the data provider excel file. I can’t say for sure that this is causing the problem you are experiencing, but have a look. I’ll try to replicate your problem to see if there is something funny in the code.
All the best!