Do I need to resubmit SBTI target for new base year?

Hi. My company has an approved SBTi 1.5 degree net zero target.

My base year was calculated using sold volume, however this is not useful for supplier engagement so from 19/20 onwards we have calculated our footprint using delivered volumes.

My concern is that because the base year was calculated using a different type of input data, subsequent movements in the footprint is not a like for like comparison.

I do not have access to historic delivered volume data for my base year, however when I compare the more recent years footprint on sold and delivered volumes, the difference is less than 5%.

Per SBTi, am I required to resubmit an SBTi target with a new base year (i.e. the earliest date that uses delivered volumes) or is it acceptable to keep my base year on sold volume and subsequent years on delivered volumes?


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