Clarification on Near-Term Targets under SBTi 2050 Net-Zero Commitment

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re doing well. I’m seeking assistance since I’ve been unable to find the information I need on the website and in documents, and my query through the contact form hasn’t received a response yet.

Our company has officially committed to the SBTi 2050 net-zero target and is now in the process of developing near-term targets. I’ve encountered what seems to be an issue. The group I work for is growing with numerous acquisitions, and this growth trend is expected to continue. I understand that any change in structure, such as an acquisition or merger, triggers a recalculation of near-term targets.

My question is whether, for the Corporate Net Zero Standard, making a commitment to this route necessitates the submission of official near-term targets (subject to recalculation in case of structural changes), or if the near-term targets are part of the net-zero commitment and serve as an internal guide without formal submission.

I’m seeking clarification on whether submitting under the net-zero target requires a recalculation in the event of structural changes.

I hope this message is clear, and I appreciate any insights.

Thank you in advance.

Please note that this Community Forum is meant for financial institutions-related discussions. You can reach out to for more information and questions on non-financial sector companies.

To note though, committing to setting a net-zero target requires the validation of both near-term and long-term targets. Regarding recalculation, criteria on ‘mandatory target recalculation’ and ‘triggered target recalculation’ can be found in the Corporate Net-Zero Standard itself.

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