Net Zero tool submission: 2023 base year

I am in the process of submitting our targets for validation. We are committed to Net Zero targets, including a long-term science-based target.

When using the Net Zero tool, which is a mandatory attachment for submission, 2023 is not available as a base year. Our carbon footprint baseline relates to 01-09-22 – 31-08-23, so this would be FY23. What should I select on the baseline dropdown on the tool?

Link to the tool: Resources - Science Based Targets

The FI Net-Zero Standard is still under development so FIs are not able to submit net-zero targets for validation yet. If your question pertains to non-financial sector companies, please note that this Community Forum is meant for financial institutions-related discussions.

However, I do believe that there will be a tool update that adds 2023 as a base year in the Net-Zero tool in the coming month(s). For other information and questions on non-financial sector companies, you can reach out to

Thanks Howard - Understood that this messageboard is for FIs.

If we want to submit imminently is there a way that we can work around this? I have sent a few emails to SBTi on this but have not had a response yet. We would rather not wait a few months for this update.

I believe the tool has been updated.