Target update timing


one of our clients has asked the question around the timing of resubmitting any updated target in case that the recalculation threshold is triggered. The Validation Protocol provides guidance on the threshold and the target update form provides other guidance.

However, is there a clarification on when a target should be resubmitted? This is the example from my client:

They are in the middle of a merger which might be finalised by January 2024. Their financial year is July-June and they would calculate their next GHG emissions inventory in July 2024. The question is, at what point in time would they be required to recalculate the base year and targets and resubmit (should the targets be higher than originally approved by the SBTi)?

Our assumption is that the base year would be recalculated together with the next inventory (July 2024). Which is then followed by a recalculation of the targets and a resubmission if required.

If you could clarify that question it would be much appreciated.


Hi Gregor, recalculation should be done as soon as possible but some time to gather the necessary data is understandable so July 2024 in this case sounds appropriate to me.