Base year for near-term target

I would like to know what are the limits on the base year when setting the target? From version 5.2 I still see 2015 as a limit. However, I’ve heard from consultants that the baseline could be just 2 years prior to the target-setting year. Hence, if I intend to propose a target in 2024, the base year could be 2022 or 2023. I’d appreciate clarity on the correct interpretation.
Thank you

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From looking at the SBTi Corporate Near-Term Criteria Version 5.2 though, I would note that C13 states that the choice of base year must be no earlier than 2015 and C14 requires sufficient forward-looking ambition from the most recent year inventory, which must be from 2 years prior to the submission year. For example, for submissions in 2024, the most recent inventory shall be no earlier than 2022 (i.e., allowable most recent years are 2022 and 2023).