1.5 degree pathways for SDA methods

Hi there,

Since the SBTi has announced it will be mandatory for companies to commit to 1.5 degrees from July 2022, will the SBTi be providing updated SDA tools to align with 1.5 degrees such as for CRE and Mortgages? If yes, when are these expected to be released? Finally, would these be using the IEA Net Zero scenario?


Hi Vicky,

We do plan to integrate IEA NZ2050 scenarios into the existing SDA sector pathways, but the exact scope and timeline are still being determined.

Following up on this, is it required to use the SBTi WB2D scenario in order to get SBTi approval, or can another pathway (such as an NGFS scenario or the One Earth Climate Model output used by the Net Zero Asset Owners Alliance) be used and approved?

Thanks a lot