SBTI 1.5 Pathways


I had a few questions on the 1.5 pathways:

• For the power pathway what scenario have you based this on – is it an extrapolation of previous IEA scenarios or has SBTI used another source?

• Similar to the above how have the absolute universal contraction percentages (4.2% & 2.5%) been arrived at?

• For the sectors where pathways are in development for pre or post COP are these following a similar method to the power or will you be using NZE2050 as others have asked? Do you find the current NZE2050 dataset to provide sufficient granularity in all scopes/geographies?


Thanks for your questions.
For the power sector, please see our guidance which details the scenarios used:

For the absolute contraction methods, our foundations of SBT paper outlines the scenario enevelope approach used:

For all other sectors, please see our recent publication on the pathways to net-zero: