CRE Residential Mortgage Tool: Is there a plan to add tools that aligning to the IEA's NZ2050 scenario, and/or increased ambition beyond NZ by 2060/WB2D?

The current tools are based on IEA ETP WB2D scenario with convergence to NZ by 2060 for buildings.

What tools or approach do you recommend organizations with increased ambitions use - such as NZ by 2050 / 1.5 degrees, or NZ by 2040?

And, does SBTi have a plan to add tools that supports target setting for FIs with increased ambition?
(The IEA has released a NZ2050 scenario).

H Jo,

We do plan to integrate IEA NZ2050 scenarios into the existing SDA sector pathways, but the exact scope and timeline are still being determined.