Where/what is the Nominations Committee?! [Governance]

I was trying to study SBTi governance system and while reading about the Technical Council (as of Sep 2022 at https://sciencebasedtargets.org/resources/files/220902SBTiTechnicalCouncilToR.pdf) I learnt that its composition is chosen from a set of Nominees proposed by the “Nominations Committee”, but I can’t find any other mention of this committee around your sites.

So does it really exist, who composes it, how is it formed, what are his procedures?

I’m quite new here so I hope the problem here is technical, like search tools not showing the relevant, existing, documentation results…

Actually, I can’t even find the “SBTi Rules of Procedure”, which are mentioned multiple times there and seems to be a central piece of your Governance.
I find it appalling that a “public” interest, no-profit and international organization like yours don’t have accessible governance documentation!

PS: let me add tags to posts! I was trying to add #Governance but apparently I can’t?!

Thank you.

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