Water utility short-term reduction targerts

Good morning,
We want to implement a SBT in our company, both short term and long term (Net Zero). The fact is that some doubts have arisen. We are a company in the water sector and we have already been implementing a decarbonization plan for several years, validated by our institutions. The thing is that our current emissions are very low, especially for Scope 1 and Scope 2, and we have certain emissions associated with our activity that we cannot reduce much more. We have been using your tools to calculate the % reduction and with our base year and target year we come out that we have to reduce 46.2% in the 3 scopes for the short term objectives. We are in doubt whether this 46.2% has to be applied and reduced to each of the scopes separately, i.e. reduce scope 1 emissions by 46.2%, reduce scope 2 emissions by 46.2% and reduce scope 3 emissions by 46.2% or whether we could reduce the total amount of the sum of the 3 scopes by 46.2%. Because, as I have already said, it would not be possible to reduce by 46.2% the Scope 1 emissions by 2030, but it would be possible to reduce the total of the 3 scopes. Could we establish a joint SBT for the 3 scopes and set this target of 46.2% for the total of the 3 scopes?
For the long term targets no problem, we can commit to reduce 90% of our emissions by 2050, it is already planned in our decarbonization plan.
Because the other question would be, we cannot validate a long-term SBT without validating a short-term SBT, right?
And finally, I wanted to ask if you have any kind of consulting service to clarify these doubts in person or a list of consultants with whom we could contact?

Thank you very much,