Scope 1+2: absolute contraction SBT interpretation

Dear all,

I’m a consultant who is currently helping a FI to set an SBT target on scope 1+2 emissions. Using the absolute contraction approach and using the SBTi Tool (version 2.0) I’m getting a 40% reduction on scope 1+2 emissions in 2030 (base year 2020) [hypothetical scenario]

My question is: is it possible for the FI to comply with this target (40%) using mostly a reduction on its scope 2 emissions? Or shall this absolute reduction be effective and specifically on scope 1? Because the FI will have an effective decrease in scope 2 emissions but it will no be so easy on scope 1. So, is it possible to set a target on the sum “scope1+2 emissions” and the reduction be mostly allocated to a scope 2 emission reduction?

Thank you very much for any input you can provide


Thanks for posting!

Yes, one combined target can be set on scope 1+2 emissions, with the achieved reductions coming from either or both scopes.