ValueError('No targets found')

Dear all,
I am trying to run the temperature scoring tool (online version), but I am constantly receiving the following error “ValueError(‘No targets found’)”. In the excel sheet, none of the portfolio companies have a ghg reduction target. Shouldn’t the tool assign a default temperature score for the companies? How can I resolve this error?

Thank you

Hi Johny,

We are facing the same issue, having tried multiple types of input data including populating the entire template

If none of the companies have targets then the tool stops execution before the dataframe “amended_portfolio” is calculated. If you just want to play around and get default scores, you can populate the “target_data” tab with dummy data in eg. this way: target_type: Absolute, scope: S12, base_year: 2020, end_year: 2025, start_year: 2020, base_year_ghg_s1 (and s2 and s3): 200. Do this for all companies and target rows. The tool will complain that some targets are missing but it should create the amended_portfolio with default scores for all companies, time_frame and scope.