Temperature Rating Tool does not recognize targets

Hi there, we are running the temperature rating method using Python via Google Collabs. It gives us a result, however, when we analyze specific data points we find that some targets are not recognized.
For instance, we have two companies with targets for the same scopes, and the same coverage but the ambition and baseline year differ and the tool recognizes only one of those goals.
We ran the code changing the numbers for the target not recognize copying the ones that it does and it did recognize the target. What could be happening?

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This issue has been discussed directly with the Alejandro and team, but we think a brief summary of the problem may be useful for others as well.:

The tool unfortunately needs data to be filled in even though it may seem superfluous. Try filling in ghg data in both columns base_year_ghg_s2 and base_year_ghg_s2 for both S1 and S2 targets. That gives you a calculated result. It seems the documentation should be updated, or new checks introduced in the code. We’ll save that for later. In the mean time, try populating the input sheet in this way. And you probably should do it for all S1 and S2 targets.