Use of physical intensity reduction targets for scope 3 emissions

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I am running our SBT program, we a pan European insurer focused on consumer electronics insurance. We have no significant investments as we generate a return from customer insurance premiums minus the cost to service claims. We are not a typical FI as per the SBT definitions.

The bulk of our emissions come from scope 3 sources, mostly from servicing claims, i.e. fixing a customers device when it breaks or finding them a replacement.

I have been reviewing the SBTi corporate manual in depth, are we able to set physical intensity reduction targets for our scope 3 emissions? Our preference would be to do this for scope 3 emissions related to servicing claims.

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Please refer to this thread for a related question. If confirmed to be a non-financial sector company, please review the Getting Started Guide and Target Validation Protocol and reach out to for any additional questions.