Finance tool updates in October 2023

Version 1.0.10 was released on github on October 4. This is a small updated to the documentation. One interesting aspect is that there is now a detailed list of SR1.5 scenarios in regression models 4 and 104 available. See this link: Functional Overview — SBTi Temperature Alignment tool documentation (
Version 1.0.10 is not on Pypi yet. An updated package will be made available as soon as some additional functionality is implemented:

  • We are adding the possibility to use target IDs in order to track targets going into the calculated temperature scores
  • An updated template for the DataProvider excel file will be provided.
  • The tool will be adapted to the EOL (end of life) of Python 3.7 which means that the tool will no longer be compatible with older Python versions. This corresponds to a major version increment, hence the new version number will be 2.0.X.
  • There are no changes to the calculation of temperature scores.

The new release will be made available by October 20 preliminarily.

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