Separate Scope 1 and 2 Targets?

Hi all,

I have a very general question that came to my mind recently, and I did not find an answer in the official documentation yet. I hope someone can help me out regarding the following question:

Are there separate scope 1 and 2 targets?

More detailed explanation with an example:
Does SBTI require achieving the same linear reduction for scope 1 and 2 emissions separately (e.g. -40% by 2030 for scope1 and -40% by 2030 for scope 2)? Or are scope 1 and 2 emissions always counted together for target setting (e.g. -60% by 2030 for scope 1 and -20% for scope 2 is fine as well, in case their absolute emission are similar)?

I know that there are further requirements of scope 2 green electricity by 2030. The example is just a random idea to explain the question.

If you have an answer, I would appreiciat if you can also point me to the right documentation of it in the SBTI documents!

Thanks in advance!