Scope 3 Target - Threshold for relevance of Asset Classes

Hello everybody,

I tried to find an answer to my question in the SBTI-FI Guidance and in this forum but I havn’t been succesful so far.

A client of us has the wast majority of its portfolio in Corporate Bonds and Listed Equity. However, they also have a small fractions which qualify as “project finance electricity generation”. (A little below 1% of the whole SBTi applicable portfolio, below 0,01% of the whole portfolio.)

For this Asset Class one would have to set SDA Targets. Since it’s only two financed projects and both of them qualify as renewable energy target setting and achieving wouldn’t be that hard, yet kind of insignificant compared to the size of the whole portfolio.

My question would now be whether there is something like a materiality threshold that would allow to exclude these two investments from setting targets?

I would highly appreciate any feedback or guidance to my quesiton.

Hi @Frenky,
We don’t have any materiality threshold.
It is hard to say without knowing the details, but assuming that these assets would have a low emission profile, they could potentially set a “maintenance target” for these assets.