Scope 3 Project finance: Electricity generation

When setting the target for a FI that has investments in project finance: electricity generation, there is this target setting tool (which was taken from here: Financial institutions - Science Based Targets). SDA needs to be used for project finance electricity generation and for the FI it is Scope 3. However, the Scope 3 tool doesnt allow to select for a Power SDA 1,5°, instead solely for Cement SDA 1,5°. The same applies when the tool is taken from here (Power Sector - Science Based Targets). The scope 3 tool allows to select for 4 different target setting methods, whereas the Absolute Contraction Approach is not applicable for FI. However, the SDA is only for Cement and not the power sector. Shall the SBT tool (which is used for Scope 1 and 2 regarding the description) then be used where the SDA can be selected?

Thanks in advance and kind regards!

Hello, thank you for your question. The SBT Tool can be used to set the Power SDA 1.5° aligned target.