SDA - Electricity generation project finance


I am working towards setting a SBT for an Asset Manager. With a lot of solar parks (projects) in our funds, I consider it as correct to choose Electricity generation project finance and set a target for cat. 15 in scope 3. From my understanding, from the SBTi Guidance for FI and Power sector Guidance, I can calculate GHG emissions for scope 1 and 2 of the projects and also calculate the total output (generated MWp). Then enter this into the SBTi-target-setting-tool and get an intesity target as tCO2e/MWh - could this also be zero tCO2e (as I saw from another question here). I am wondering if it is correct, or if I have to follow the all the steps and gather all the data input (p.13-138) from “C. SDA Electricity generation project finance” from p. 135 from the FI guidance?

Thank you.