SBTi tool- FLA Adjustment

When using SBTi target setting tool, there are two options in the %FLA Adjustment section ( section 3 when calculating with scope 1&2 tool):

  • Not required
  • Maint. target

What does this mean?

Could you please provide a screenshot of your Section 1 and 3? I believe you only need to input data in Section 1 and not in Section 3.

in the first picture is where i have filled my information regarding the base year, target year, ect
in the second picture (is the section 3) that has been autofilled with the information of section 1

what does mean?

thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Was the screenshot helpful?

Thank you. Regards!

Given that zero scope 2 emissions has already been achieved in the MRY (2023), that should be maintained through the target year (2030).