SBTi FI tool update

Good afternoon SBTi Team,

we are looking at options to integrate the Python-based SBTi temperature rating tool (link: Financial Institutions - Science Based Targets) in our IT environment.

Is it expected to have updates of the script from time to time, or would you rather expect that the tool and the underlying python script would not change in the foreseeable future?
Many thanks for the help,

Hi Jean-Damien,
There are some minor changes to the tool from time to time. There is a category here in the forum called Updates that informs about upcoming changes. The changes mainly concern bug fixes and adaptation to changes in input data, such as the SBTi CTA file (Companies Taking Action). The CTA file will undergo a major update on April 28 which will entail an update in how the tool reads that file. Such changes are announced approximately four weeks in advance here in the forum. Changes to the underlying methodology would generally be subject to public consultation and therefore made known well in advance of coming in effect.

Please also note that the tool version found in the Docker Hub is not currently maintained as it was used for demonstration purposes.

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Thanks a lot Peter!